We are passionate at Tiny Head about mindful crafting and the difference it can make to our mental health. Immersing ourselves in a new skill gives us a much needed break from being inside our own heads and enables us to focus on the present moment.

Attending a craft workshop can increase social skills and interactions and in turn, boost your mood and combat loneliness. Crafting is a relaxing, therapeutic activity that calms the brain and has been shown to provide relief from stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Learning a new craft and creating something from scratch that you can display in your own home will help give you a huge sense of accomplishment and make you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. All of our workshops are suitable for complete beginners. We also provide activities that don't involve melting wax making them suitable for all ages and abilities. 

We believe that everyone's mental health can benefit from taking part in craft activities and that everyone deserves access to a full range of fun and rewarding craft opportunities in their community. This is why we are working with charities and organisations across Yorkshire to enable people to take some time out, try something new and increase their mental wellbeing.

If you are part of a charity, group or organisation and would like more information on the types of classes we can provide, please contact us via the contact page or by email at