Our Story

       Tiny Head Candles is run by Lianne Joesbury from her studio in West Yorkshire.  

Her adorable cat Finn was the inspiration behind the name Tiny Head, which was his given pet name because, (as you'll see below) he had a beautiful huge fluffy head!

Lianne's candle journey began over 30 years ago. Inspired by regular visits to a candle making workshop in Wales as a child and a candle making kit bought for her by her Aunt and Uncle when she was 13, she's been experimenting with wax ever since!

Tiny Head Candles started in 2019 from a desire to make sustainable, luxury candles that were kinder to the environment yet still affordable.

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing independent businesses, enabling them to offer their own brand of luxury candles and home fragrance products. You can find out more about creating your own brand candles here.

We are passionate at Tiny Head about mindful crafting and the difference it can make to our mental health. Immersing ourselves in a new skill gives us a much needed break from being inside our own heads and enables us to focus on the present moment.

We run a number of different candle making and home fragrance workshops in various locations and offer bespoke workshops that can be held in your own home or chosen venue. They are perfect for anyone looking to do something different for their birthday, hen party, team day or just as a get together with friends.

Check out our Workshops and Community pages to see how you can get involved.